International Prize “Empedocle” for Human Sciences

The Pistorio Foundation is pleased to share that on December 2nd, our President Pasquale Pistorio was awarded by the Accademia of Mediterranean Studies, at the Pirandello Theater in Agrigento, Sicily, the International “Prize Empedocle” for Human Sciences, in memory of Paolo Borsellino, for the section “Humanity and Solidarity”, for the philanthropic work of the Pistorio Foundation, “which provides assistance in the field of health, nutrition and education, both through direct support and donations to children, especially in less-privileged regions around the world affected by wars, natural disasters and calamities.”

On this occasion, Pasquale was also bestowed the honour of a tree and Stele amongst the Garden of the Righteous of the World in the Valley of Temples, for the work of Pistorio Foundation in improving the lives of thousands of children in the world.

We are honoured that these awards are a recognition to the work we are doing, and thank all the volunteers, supporters, donors, partners, contributors, and board members, that have contributed to make this possible.

The following photos are from the ceremony at the Garden of the Righteous in the Valley of the Temples, between the Temple of Concordia and the Temple of Juno, in Agrigento, Sicily.