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Our Mission

The Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, founded by Pasquale Pistorio in April 2005, with the mission of improving the living conditions of children in developing countries with a focus on education, by providing long-terms scholarships for underprivileged children from Primary to Professional School, and by building and improving school infrastructure.

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Our Dream

Our dream is that children’s rights as stated in the “UN Convention on the Rights of the Child” ( be fully implemented, enforced, and respected in every country of the world.

We dream that every child be entitled to an education and to health care assistance;
that no child be ever subjected to exploitation, poverty, hunger, deprivation, or suffering from poverty or cruelty;
that every child’s right to innocence be respected;
that every child be entitled to protection and to development of his or her highest potential.

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Fiscal Number: 94036370131


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On the way to school, on the way to life

"In the present world scenario, children deserve the maximum attention: on one side to protect them as they are the most vulnerable human beings; on the other to educate them because they will be the future citizens of the planet and ultimately, the continuous cultural evolution of humanity to build a better world depends on them" Pasquale Pistorio President and Founder

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Latest News

Pistorio Foundation is pleased to inform its supporters that our President has been awarded with the International Prize Empedocle for Human Sciences, in memory of Paolo Borsellino, for the section “Humanity and Solidarity” with the following motivation:

“Mr. Pistorio is rewarded because, besides being a paladin of the European ICT industry, a not only theoretical and conceptual activity that produces important and concrete industrial results …

Latest Newsletter

Dear Friends,
We are delighted to present you the 2017 Annual Activities Report of the Foundation, including our latest developments, project updates for 2017 and some testimonials from our
Her e’s a first glance on our key results:
– 1.253 Students on Scholarship
– 38 Students completed Professional School
2 Investments:
– 2017 Investments Budget: 174.174 €
– 2017 Overhead Costs: 19.257 € (11% of Total Budget)

Annual Activities Report

I have always believed that children deserve a better future and the possibility to live in a world that tries to protect them from all kinds of danger. Therefore, for nearly 12 years with Pistorio Foundation I did whatever it was necessary to create contexts where all children could have access to a good education despite the disadvantaged conditions they lived in.

Current Projects

The Pistorio Foundation aims to improve the living conditions of underprivileged children in developing countries by supporting their long-term education up to Professional School and by building and improving school infrastructure. We also ensure that every child we support has access to adequate nutrition and primary health care.

Please donate your 5x1000 to Pistorio Foundation

Fiscal Number: 94036370131

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