About the Foundation

Our Mission
The Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Vimercate (MB), Italy, founded by Pasquale Pistorio in April 2005, with the mission of improving the living conditions of children in developing countries with a focus on education, by providing long-terms scholarships for underprivileged children from Primary to Professional School, and by building and improving school infrastructure. We ensure that every child we support also has access to basic nutrition and primary health care. The Foundation subsequently addresses issues of women and community sustainable development through agriculture and income generation opportunities.

In accomplishing our mission, we wish to equally spread awareness on the living conditions of children in the world and promote values of solidarity, cooperation, justice, giving, and volunteering.

Our Dream
Our dream is that children’s rights as stated in the “UN Convention on the Rights of the Child” be fully implemented, enforced, and respected in every country of the world.

We dream that every child can be entitled to an education and to health care assistance; that no child will ever be subjected to exploitation, poverty, hunger, deprivation, or suffering from poverty or cruelty; that every child’s right to innocence will be respected; that every child will be entitled to protection and to development of his or her highest potential.

Our Vision
Our vision is to extend our support to 10,000 children in need every year, while at the same time initiating and promoting sustainable development programs in their communities that will ultimately benefit the children’s lives and prospects for a brighter future.

How We Operate
The Foundation concentrates its efforts on a limited number of geographical areas for lasting long-term impact on the villages and regions.

As per our holistic Village Model Approach, the Foundation addresses village by village in order of priority: access to quality education, access to basic health care, access to clean drinking water and sanitation, and sustainable development through agriculture and income generation activities.

We operate through a network of volunteers in close collaboration with selected experienced local NGO partners that operate with maximum transparency and efficiency. To date, the Foundation does not have hired staff. All available resources and donations therefore go directly to projects on location for our beneficiaries.

Board Members donate their time and skills and travel on location on project missions at their own expense. Volunteer Foundation Country Managers and Auditors oversee and assess projects on location on a pro bono basis. As per the bylaws, the President agrees to contribute up to 25.000 Euros every year towards operating expenses.

Should the Foundation grow substantially in the coming years so that an operational structure is needed, overhead costs will not exceed 10% of the budget (Article 8 of the By-laws)

The Foundation does not have any political or religious affiliation.