June 2009
Tiffin Club “Bawa House 87” Charity Launch 

In support of the Pistorio Foundation, on the 25th and 26th of June the

TIFFIN CLUB LOGO Tiffin Club generously held a lucky draw for a five night stay at a unique new property in Sri Lanka. Fifty percent of the proceeds, amounting to S$1885 will go directly to support the education and primary health care of underprivileged children in developing countries.

The lucky draw was held by Ajai Zecha and Michelle Saram of the Tiffin Club in celebration of the launch of Bawa House 87, a lush and cosy private property, managed by Akasa that heralds a new era of safe tourism in Sri Lanka. Enjoying the warm hospitality of the Tiffin Club, guests had the opportunity to learn more about Bawa House 87, as well as about the Pistorio Foundation, before savouring an authentic Sri Lankan rice & curry meal that was complemented by Argentine wines.