Rome, Palazzo Barberini

On March 13, 2008 a fundraising event took place in Rome associated with an art exhibit of Lisa Zanatta, spouse of Pasquale Pistorio and well established Italian painter. Lisa presented 50 works at the prestigious venue of the Palazzo Barbernini in Rome and preventively donated her artwork to the Pistorio Foundation which in turn would award as a gift one painting to any donor who would make a donation of a certain amount to the Foundation. The entire cost of the event and exhibit was sustained personally by the artist so that 100% of any donation would go to the Burkina Faso project for the construction of a secondary school, in partnership with CIAI (Centro Italiano Aiuto all’Infanzia).

About 400 guests attended the event, during which Art Critics presented the work of Lisa Zannatta while Pasquale Pistorio delivered a presentation on the Foundation and in particular on the Burkina Faso Project.

Amongst distinguished guests were public personalities Minister for Innovation of Public Administration Luigi Nicolais, President of the Parliamentary Commission on Constitutional Affairs Enzo Bianco, Senator Ignazio Marino, the Tunisian Ambassador in Italy Habib Mansour, the Italian Ambassador to Singapore Folco de Luca Gabrielli, and various personalities of the Italian business and cultural community including Giuseppe Vita, Diana Frescobaldi, Piero Ignudi, Gabriele Galateri, Roberto Italia, Ettore Artioli, Carlo Ottaviani, Paolo Annunziato, Luca de Nicola, Falltère Pierottini, Vincenzo Damiani, Vincenzo Massari, Aldo Romano, Alessandro Distante, Tony Binarelli.


The event contributed to raise over 40 000 Euros for the Burkina Faso project.


Roma Palazzo Barberini_2008