Intel Involved Singapore Star Team volunteers conduct 4 day English and Computer Camp in Mae Pon Village and at the same time raise 25,500 S$ amongst its staff and their friends to support 180 students from the village!

We would like to thank whole heartedly the Singapore Intel Involved staff that brought six highly motivated and committed volunteers, Sheryl Teo (Team Leader), Andy Low, Vicky Lin, Ho Soo Pine, Peggy Khoo (Intel) and Molly Loh (Lions Club of Singapore Aces), to conduct a three day full immersion English language program to over 230 children from primary to secondary school. This was the first ever Overseas Community Service Trip for the Singapore Intel offices.  The volunteers travelled to the hill-tribe village of Mae Pon, Chiang Mai, where the Foundation has contributing in building a Primary School and renovated a former primary school into Secondary School.  The highly motivated and committed team did extensive research in the months preceding the trip to devise lesson plans that would include also developing basic IT skills and mind mapping exercises, and exposing students to existing carreer options.

They also planned Arts and Crafts, songs, and games for children as after school activities.

As the star team was preparing its lessons, they also ran a local campaign amongst the Intel staff in Singapore to raise funds for the Foundation and managed to reach their target of raising 25,500 S$ for the 180 children that are supported by the Pistorio Foundation in Mae Pon Village.

Thank you so much to your formidable support. This shows how a group of highly motivated volunteers can move mountains!

Here are some accounts of the trip in their own words:
“It is amazing to see the children’s participate enthusiastically with high level of energy. There was loads of fun while learning but the kids were diligent on getting their assignments completed and handed in after every lesson. We were completely drained by the end of each day, as we ran from class to class in the day and spent our late evening planning for lessons for the next day. However, our effort paid off when we saw how the children progressed from being “very shy and not using any English at all” to be able to “confidently screaming their answers in English to every of our questions “…The children benefited from full exposure to the immersion of the English language through the relevant topics and activities we conducted. They also became more confident at their computers and were able to grasp key digital concepts and usages.” Peggy Khoo

Intel volunteer trip collage Intel Volunteer Trip

“I am glad to be given the opportunity to be the organizer of this Chiang Mai field Trip. This short trip is indeed an unforgettable and memorable experience…Sharing knowledge about our career and background helps children build upon their dreams and ambitions. Their willingness to learn and pursue their dream even in a non-conducive environment definitely touches my heart…” Sheryl Teo, Organizer/Volunteer

“The trip to Mae Pon School unlocked a whole life changing experience…During these few days, I understood the hardship of students living in a village, sustaining their well-being and trying their very best to learn and progress to their ambition in life.  It is incredible to see how eager and willing to learn these children are…Even though we were the “teachers” to the children for English, computer, arts and crafts lessons, they definitely taught us a lot too. They taught me about their culture, compassion, living simply and appreciating what you have…It is also worth noting how exceptional the staff of Mae Pon School are and that I truly believe they genuinely care about their students. I am extremely happy to have partaken in the Intel volunteer event because it has redefined my life.” Andy Low, Volunteer

 “Our donation of 300S$ per year per child does go a long way to supplement the needs of these children at the school” Ho Soo Pine, Volunteer

“..I only see smiles and eagerness to learn whenever we interact with these children. I’m happy to see our donation is going to the right place where indeed our help is needed.” Vicky Lin, Volunteer

“…In-Kind donations of toys, books, clothes collected in Singapore was also well received by the school. The scholarship donation definitely goes a long way to support the children.” Molly Loh, Volunteer from Lions Club of Singapore Aces.