Doing good on all fronts

Pasquale Pistorio Speaks at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy on Sustainable Solutions to the Energy Challenge, March 2011, Singapore
Pasquale Pistorio has been an industry champion and pioneer for the environment while CEO and President at STMicroelectronics. In 2001 he founded STMicroelectronics Foundation to tackle the problem of the digital divide, and the Foundation to date has provided basic IT skills to over 110,000 people in marginalized and impoverished communities around the world. Upon his retirement in 2005, he has founded the Pistorio Foundation and at the same time continued to champion the cause of the Envrionment, advocating for this publically in Italy, during his tenure as Confindustria Vice President at the Head of Research and Development, and is frequently called upon to give a testimony of the STMicroelectronics experience both in terms of the industrial success and growth of the company as well as for its pioneering environmentally responsable corporate policies.

The speech outlined the risks still inherent in Nuclear Power, the need for governments, business and individuals to pursue more aggressively Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energies as the only viable options in the few decades to come, until Nuclear can really be considered a safe option (will happen with 4th generation), and how governments, business, and individuals actually save money and profit in the process, making it foolish not to choose this options.

Some comments from participants:

  • “Energy is an area quite new to me, and I learnt much from Mr Pistorio’s discourse on energy efficiency and renewable energy in particular.”
  • “He is a very enlightened man & we all have much to learn from his example.”
  • “I was truly inspired by him.”
  • ” He is very inspiring on what businesses can do (to help the environment) and make money (in the process)!”
  • “His speech gave a very interesting and relevant outline of how businesses can reduce emissions and make money.”