On the way to school, on the way to life

“In the present world scenario, children deserve the maximum attention: on one side to protect them as they are the most vulnerable human beings; on the other to educate them because they will be the future citizens of the planet and ultimately, the continuous cultural evolution of humanity to build a better world depends on them”

Pasquale Pistorio

Pasquale Pistorio
President and Founder


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may_news_201510th Anniversary Gala Dinner in Singapore
On the 26th of  February, characterized by its colonial architecture and  surrounded by lush greeneries, Alkaff Mansion Risorante provided an elegant setting for hosting 100 distinguished guests, many of them long term supporters of the foundation, to celebrate its 10th Anniversary.
 September 2015
We are very pleased to have begun our exit strategies from key villages in Chiang Rai Thailand, with which we have been working in the past ten years. In three villages in particular, we have built primary, secondary, and kindergarten schools, sanitation facilities, water systems, improved access to health care, and helped initiate agricultural programs.
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report_2014_homeAnnual Activities Report 2014

Over 1,500 direct beneficiaries
children_uniform_homeThe Pistorio Foundation aims to improve the living conditions of underprivileged children in developing countries by supporting their long-term education up to Professional School and by building and improving school infrastructure. We also ensure that every child we support has access to adequate nutrition and primary health care.



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