Donors and Contributors

The Foundation would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our generous Donors who enable us to reach out to more children in need in developing countries, transforming and empowering their lives through education and access to basic nutrition and basic health care.

As the Foundation is volunteer based, we would also like to thank our team of committed Contributors who donate time, talent, and skills to further our cause, and allow that all available resources are devolved to our projects on location to benefit underprivileged children.


Over 1.000.000 CHF
Telecom Italia

Over 100.000 CHF
Pasquale Pistorio

Over 50.000 CHF
Elena Pistorio

Over 10.000 CHF
Alain and Françoise Dutheil
Ariane and Richard Magides
Betty and Piero Martinotti
Financial Women’s Association of Singapore
Intel Singapore
Isabelle and Loic Lietar
Janelle and Jean-Claude Monney
Palais Dance Studio Singapore
Parkway Life
Renato Guarino
Valerie and Francois Guibert
Vincenzo e Gabriella Damiani

Over 5.000 CHF
Alison Lim and Maarten Buitelaar
Amy Aziza and Jay Mc Carthy
Anna Bagella and Roberto Monforte
Bernard Pailler
Carmelo and Yang Ping Pistorio
Chicago Booth University, MBA AXP-8 Group, Singapore
Diana Bracco
Diana Frescobaldi and Lugi Manescalco
Edward and Julie Peter
Elisabeth Badge
Valérie and François Guibert
François Gautier
Gayathri Santhirasegaran and Steve McBain
Italian Trade Commission Singapore
Joey and Renato Sirtori
Julie and Ed Peter
Leta Dempsey
Nick and Victoria Brown
Paolo e Paola Annunziato
Philippe Lambinet
Philip Clausius
Pioneer Investments
STMicroelectronics Foundation

Over 1.000 CHF
Alberto e Laura Martinelli
Amelia Hernon
Amin Bagheri
Angela and Michael Mitakidis
Angela Kek
Angelo Corbetta
Anna and Nick Hamilton
Akasa Private Limited
Arca Dance Pte Ltd
Arvind Sodhani
Aulia Singgih
Aya and Francesco Alberti
Barbara e Vincenzo Ciummo
BNP Foundation
Bruna e Franco Alfero
Carmelo and Yang Ping Pistorio
Caroline and Herman Van Den Wall Bake
Charlotte Clewing and Giovanni Bussu
Chartered Semiconductors
Daniela Beltrani
Daniel Cer
Denery Fredenz
Dr Loo Choon Yong
Edwin T F Khew
Elisabeth Badge
Emma e Lino Battan
Emmanuelle Booker
Eric Tan
Fabiana Parlanti
Florence Lim
Florian Contini
Franck Litzler
Harpreet Bedi and Satinder Garcha
Henry and Claire Mytton-Mills
Harald Link
Intel Foundation
Istituto Privilege
Laura e Alberto Martinelli
Lewis Tan
Lily Cashin
Luigi Ricciardi
Marie and Jean de Pourtales
Master Yun, Lotus on Water Feng Shui Gallery
Matthew and Julie Harris
Melanie Underwood
Michelle Teo
Michelle Williams
Mr and Mrs Fabbri
Mr. and Mrs. Teo Ming Kian
Jean Yip
Jeffrey See
Jodie and Andrew Hunt
Joey and Renato Sirtori
Juliana and Clement Benelli
Julie and Ian Partridge
Justin Reis and Shabnam Melwani Reis
Justine Wingrove
Kamil Hassan
Kersti and Laurent de Boccard
Patricia and Matthew Driver
Patrick Bouju
Peggy Khoo
Pierre Hennes
Rachel Ashby
Renate and Giuseppe Maschi
Robert Jacob’s
Ronald and Janet Stride
Samantha Samlal
Sarah and Gianluca Lionetto
Stella O’brien
Stephanie and Stephane Repkow
Suzanna Adahar and Barry O’Donnell
Telecom Italia Sparkle
Tina Taheri adn Maziar Sabet
Tudor Capital Singapore
Uluru Aussie Bar and Steakhouse
Viola Yong
Zuri Kumarly

Contributors are the Foundation’s long-term committed volunteers who offer their skills, expertise, and services pro bono for the Foundation:

Mario Orlandi Website Development
Patrice Palmero Database Developer
Raffaella Cartledge Foundation Video Editor
Mohamed Lasry Morocco Country Manager
Piero Martinotti Burkina Faso Country Manager
Elena Pistorio Thailand Country Manager

We would also like to thank whole heartedly all our volunteers and supporters who are tirelessly helping organize and run fundraising and awareness raising events every year.