Dear Friends,

As the year comes to a close, we are compelled to reflect on the political, social, economic, health, energy, environmental and climate crisis of yet another very difficult year. We are still grappling with the COVID pandemic, while the world has been shaken by the devastating war in Ukraine and by conflicts in other regions of the planet, confronted with looming global economic slowdown, shameful rise in wealth inequalities, and the increase in intensity and frequency of heat waves and extreme climate events. We are faced with ever greater challenges, and must in every sphere of our lives set an example of moral integrity, empathy, compassion and generosity to support those most in need, who suffer most from the consequences of these crises, namely women and children, and at the same time continue to advocate for social, economic, and climate justice.

Animated by our core values and mission to create a world fit for children, in 2022 we have strived to faithfully serve our beneficiaries in Morocco, Burkina Faso, Thailand, Cambodia, and Italy, empowering hundreds of underprivileged children with the right to education, improving their lives and that of their families and communities. We applaud our beneficiaries’ determination and resilience in these trying times, in pursuing relentlessly their dreams and taking back their lives. We extend our deepest thanks to those who have supported us in this journey, and to our Board Members and volunteers who contribute their time, resources, and skills, selflessly day after day.

In wishing you and your loved ones a serene festive season and a Happy New Year, we invite you to make a donation in favour of extremely marginalised children. You may donate on this link. All donations are precious for every child we support, and will go a long way to transform their lives.
Thank you for your generous support!


Pasquale Pistorio
President and Founder, Pistorio Foundation
Pistorio Foundation
Via Bice Cremagnani 15/7
Vimercate (MB), Italy
Email: contact@pistoriofoundation.org
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