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The new academic year and activities of our projects across our various locations have kicked off smoothly as planned after the summer break, during which we continued to run camps in many regions, providing our beneficiaries with socially and intellectually stimulating activities in safe environments also throughout the long school holidays.

Project Updates

Burkina Faso School Classroom Project

We are still raising completion funds for the construction of an extra classroom in the primary school of Tanguin Village in Burkina Faso. Enrollment for the coming school year is under way, and although we have experienced some delays in construction due to the disorders caused by the unstable political climate following the coup d’état of January 2022, the new classroom is slated to open soon and will welcome up to 50 new students for this school year. All exceeding funds will be used to provide scholarships to children in need in the Boulkiemdè region. In the midst of a severe political and socioeconomic crisis, the children of Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in the world, need your help more than ever. You can donate on this link. Thank you for your support!
Watch the video here

Morocco Back to School Non-Formal Education Program

Congratulations to our Year 3 students who successfully passed their primary school exam and obtained their Elementary Certificate in July! This is an excellent result despite the difficult pandemic years and testifies to the excellence and dedication of our staff, as well as the grit and determination of our beneficiaries. All students are now being reinserted in the public school system or in professional schools, depending on their age, to continue their studies. Our three-year Non-Formal Education program provides the chance to school drop-outs to regain their right to an education and look forward to brighter futures. We will continue to follow their progress and guide them at a distance in their secondary schools!
Year 3 students on the day of their examination in July 2022
We would also like to share with you some photos from the exciting summer camp activities organized for our students, including field trips to museums, historical sites, national parks, arts and crafts workshops, outdoor sports games, swimming lessons, and group games. Such activities contribute to improve their social skills as well as to further develop a sense of responsibility, perseverance, and respect of rules, and provide the opportunity to explore new interests widening their horizons.
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Stories from the field - Thailand

We hope you enjoy this video testimonial of two twin brothers from a hill-tribe village in northern Thailand. The Foundation has supported their upper secondary schooling for three years and is now providing financial aid for their university degrees. Congratulations to these bright and motivated students!
Watch the video here

Join the Global Climate Strike on September 23

The health of our planet will be a determining factor in the future of all of today’s children. For too many decades, political and industry leaders have ignored the plight of our fragile ecosystems and the truth of global heating. Likewise, the media has been silent and dismissive for far too long, and still today, there is little acknowledgement of the gravity of our situation, and that we are already in the midst of a climate crisis. This is why we consider it a moral imperative of any institution to declare a climate emergency and to invite civil society to take a stand and take action in any way possible to face the greatest calamity humanity is facing today: climate breakdown.
As part of every individual’s efforts to contrast Global Heating, it is crucial to also join the Global Climate Strike, as political leaders will not be able to ignore for long the demands of society when we all rise up together united.
Join the nearest climate strike near you on September 23! www.fridaysforfuture.org

Donate your 5x1000 to the Pistorio Foundation

For all italian residents it is possible to devolve 5/1000th of your taxes to a charity of choice. The donor will not incur any extra cost, and if this option is not exercised, the 5/1000th amount will be given to the government. To choose the Pistorio Foundation, simply write our Fiscal Code, 94036370131, in the designated area of the 5x1000 donation in your tax declaration. Thank you for your support!

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