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July 2021 Newsletter
Dear Friends,

we are pleased to share with you our Annual Activities Report 2020.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Foundation has been able to respond swiftly to the demands imposed by the health crisis on our schools and students. In all our projects we were able to rapidly implement distance learning for our students, and once schools reopened, all necessary sanitary and distancing measures were enforced, so that no new cases were reported in the schools we work with, and they were able to continue to operate when lockdowns were lifted. It is our intent to further invest in distance learning for our students as the pandemic is still affecting many countries; moreover, we believe that having the digital education tools and skills contributes to bridge the digital divide for the underprivileged children we serve.

Despite the delay due to the pandemic, the “Bridge Classroom” in memory of our dear late
Founding Board Member Piero Martinotti has been completed and operative since last October.
Piero has been an unshakeable pillar for our organisation as for other children’s organisation; he
has been a staunch defender of children’s rights who translated his principles and values into a
lifetime of concrete action in favour of children in need. His important legacy will be treasured by
the countless lives he has touched, and as a small token of his lifelong service, we have dedicated
a “Bridge Classroom” to him.

The Bridge Classroom is part of a broader project to contrast child labor in Burkina Faso, a growing
phenomena in this country concerning over a million children, depriving them of their basic rights,
of an education and hence of a future. The Bridge Classroom offers a one year catch up program
that subtracts children from exploitation and reenrols them in the public school system. This is one
of ten Bridge Classrooms in a project in partnership with CIAI. Each classroom is in a different
village. The Classroom dedicated to Piero is in the village of Gouloure’, in the commune of
Kokologho, 35 km from the capital Ouagadougou. It has already had an intake of 21 students
aged 10-15 years old, who will be admitted to the last year of primary school once they pass the
year end exam. We would like to thank wholeheartedly those donors who generously contributed
to this project.
Piero Martinotti Bridge Classroom
Piero Martinotti Bridge Classroom
Thank you for your continued trust and support!


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